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AS-400 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment Hole Fine Capsule Shell Filling

  • AS-400 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment Hole Fine Capsule Shell Filling
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Plastic bag inside / paper box, packaging carton outside
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Product Description

AS-400 Hole Fine Capsule Shell Filling Plate for Tadalafil and Sildenafil Capsule

The product is made of precision machine tools, praised by the user and welcome, with the product can be achieved filling the capsule (filling), the product from the four plexiglass plate processing from the alignment plate, cap plate, the middle Plate, body board and powder board composition, the surface smooth and smooth, bright color, good toughness; easy to use, filling fast and convenient, in line with health and uniform volume; imitation mechanical arrangement design, fast positioning, automatic arrangement rate; Plate plate, the whole board filling, the whole board cap (that is, the whole plate lock), lock fast, high pass rate; can avoid direct contact with the capsule and powder, but also can effectively solve the problem of powder loading differences, and Less drug loss.

Application: This product solves the problem of small batch processing, production and self-made capsule capsules, and is suitable for the production of capsules and Chinese herbal medicine processing, pharmacy, medicine, health care products, pharmaceutical preparations, health care products, Home, laboratory filling capsules.

Product composition: guide row tray, cap plate, the middle plate, body board, powder board
Product Type: AS-400 (400 plastic capsules on the board)
Production: 3000-5000 tablets around / hour
Product specifications: 00 #, 0 #, 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, 4 # (corresponding to the same type of capsule)
Uses: for 00 # -4 # capsule caps, body sets and powder filling
Material: plexiglass plate
Template accuracy: R0.05mm
Loading accuracy: W ± 5%

Special model specifications Capsule filling plate can be customized according to customer requirements (such as chunky capsule filling plate, lengthening capsule filling plate)

Capsule filling plate to use: (very simple and convenient, with it will be)

1,the body plate flat put away, put the disc on the body board (two layers of that deep), the arrangement of disc and body plate hole alignment, grasping a few capsules (long capsule called capsule, short called capsules (In order to prevent the capsule from falling out of the gap), the capsule will fall into the body capsule hole one by one, and then from the bottom of the body plate, The gap poured out more capsules, the row of discs removed. Such as some of the body board fell into the reverse, the upper body with a hand to pressure down a little, revealing the capsule body, the transfer can be transferred to the reverse.

2, the arrangement of capsules is the same as that of capsules. Use the same method above to caps the caps on the cap (two layers of shallow).

3, fill the body board powder. The powder on the body board with scraping plate back and forth scraping, until the capsule filled with powder, scrape off the body board excess powder (if the powder to be installed more compact, you can body board vibration on the desktop A few times, and then loaded powder).

4, the middle plate (single layer of that) on both sides of the gap with the face up, placed on the hat plate alignment, and then turn the two plates together (turn 180 °), buckle to the body board alignment, gently press down, And then flip the entire set of capsule board so that the body board up, cap down, and then use his hands on the body board to push down the pressure in the end, large plates (such as 209 or 400) are each place a few pressure, remove Body plate, the middle plate and cap plate and then turn over, remove the cap plate, the lock of the capsule from the middle of the board to pour out.

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How to place a order:

1,Tell me the quantity and content you need,i will give you my offer.if the quantity is large,you will get a discount,or small gift.

2,When you agree with my offer.pay by Western Union;Money Gram;T/T or Bitcoin.send me the Receipt document or MTCN.

3,Send me your delivery information (name,address,phone number,etc.)

4,When we get the payment,i will arrange the delivery for you.

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7,If unlucky,its delay by custom, we promise reship for you.

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24/7 is available. Tell the package update info ASAP. And try our best to solve various problems customers encounter timely!

5. Experiential shopping

Besides raw steroid powder and liquid, we offer hormone solution and formula. We can teach you how to make hormone solution on the site.

We also provide semi-finished products, only need to filter by yourself, can be used as a finished product.

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