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Domperidone API pharma grade steroids cas 57808-66-9 Raw Material

  • Domperidone API pharma grade steroids cas 57808-66-9 Raw Material
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Product Description

Domperidone API Manufacturer Supply 57808-66-9 Pharmaceutical Raw Materials


Antanacathartic Stomach Medicine Domperidone CAS: 57808-66-9 Raw Material

High quality Motilium Domperidone for vomiting antiemetic 57808-66-9

Product name: Domperidone
Trade Name: Motilium
Domperidone Synonyms: 6-chloro-3- [1- [3- (2-oxo-3H-benzimidazol-1-yl) propyl] piperidin-4-yl] -1H-benzimidazol-2-one;
Domperidone CAS number: 57808-66-9
Domperidone Molecular formula: C22H24ClN5O
Domperidone Molecular weight: 425.91
Domperidone Purity Assay: Not less than 96% or 99%.
Domperidone Exact mass: 425.162
PSA: 78.82000
LogP: 3.29110
Domperidone Appearance:White or almost white crystalline powder, odorless, tasteless
Domperidone Density: 1.341 g / cm3
Domperidone Melting point: 242.5ºC
Stability: Stable, incompatible with strong oxidizing agents
Storage conditions: sealed and saved

Security Information
Customs Code: 2933990090
WGK Germany: 3
Hazard Codes: R62; R63
Safety Instructions: S26-S36
RTECS number: DE2275900
Dangerous goods mark: Xn

Domperidone use
Domperidone is a benzimidazole compound with strong gastric motility and antiemetic effects, can enhance the lower esophageal sphincter tension, prevent gastroesophageal reflux, enhance gastric motility and promote gastric emptying, coordination of the stomach and the fingers Intestinal movement, inhibition of nausea, vomiting, and effectively prevent bile reflux, does not affect gastric secretion. This product is a peripheral dopamine receptor antagonist, a direct block gastrointestinal dopamine receptors appear to promote gastric motility. Can enhance the esophageal motility and lower esophageal sphincter tension. Because of its poor penetration of the blood-brain barrier, it has almost no antagonistic effect on dopamine receptors in the brain and therefore can exclude mental and central nervous side effects


Domperidone Indications
1. Domperidone for the treatment of gastroparesis (especially diabetic gastroparesis gastroparesis), the symptoms of gastric retention can disappear, and shorten the time of gastric emptying; moderate to more functional dyspepsia (FD) in patients Can postpone abdominal distension, abdominal pain, belching, early satiety and nausea, vomiting and other symptoms completely disappeared or significantly reduced.
2. reflux of stomach, esophageal disease: Domperidone on reflux gastritis have a significant effect, but the effect of reflux esophagitis is not satisfied.
3. Peptic ulcer: domperidone can be used as adjuvant treatment of peptic ulcer (mainly gastric ulcer), to eliminate gastric antral retention.

4. Various causes of nausea and vomiting:
(1) surgery, gynecological nausea and vomiting.
(2) gastrointestinal symptoms caused by anti-Parkinsonism drugs (such as trihexyphenidyl, hyoscyamine, etc.) and adverse reactions caused by dopamine agonists (such as levodopa and bromocriptine).
(3) vomiting caused by cytotoxic drugs (such as anti-cancer drugs). However, vomiting caused by potent vomiting agents such as nitrogen mustard is only effective during less severe periods.
(4) digestive system diseases (gastritis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, etc.) caused by vomiting.
(5) other diseases and tests, treatment of nausea and vomiting, such as migraine, dysmenorrhea, traumatic brain injury, uremia, hemodialysis, gastroscopy and radiation therapy.
(6) Acute and persistent vomiting in children due to various causes such as infection, postprandial (including reflux and vomiting), etc.

Motilium COA:

Product name DOMPERIDONE
CAS No. 57808-66-9 Outer Packing 20kg/drum
Production date May-2017 Shelf life Apr-2022
Standard adopted Enterprise Standard
Items of analysis Specification Results
Description A White or almost white powder Almost white powder
Solubility Practically insoluble in water, soluble in dimethylformamide, slightly soluble in ethanol (96%) and in methanol Complies
A.By Melting range Between 244 and 248°C 244-246°C
B.By IR To match with working standard Concordant
C.By TLC The principal spot in the chromatogram obtained with the test solution should be similar in position and size to the principal spot in the chromatogram obtained with reference solution (a) Complies
D.Test for non-nitrogen substituted barbiturates A violet blue color and precipitate should be appear. Complies
Appearance of the Solution The solution should be clear and not more intensely colored than reference solution Y6 Complies
Related Substances By HPLC, ( % )    
Impurity-A Not more than 0.25 0.18
Impurity-B Not more than 0.25 Not detected
Impurity-C Not more than 0.25 Not detected
Impurity-D Not more than 0.25 0.20
Impurity-E Not more than 0.25 Not detected
Impurity-F Not more than 0.25 Not detected
Un specified Impurities Not more than 0.10 Not detected
Total Impurity Not more than 0.5 0.38
Heavy metals (ppm) Not more than 20 Less than 20
Loss on drying (%, w/w) Not more than 0.5 0.24
Sulphated Ash (%, w/w) Not more than 0.1 0.05
Assay By titrimetry, (%, w/w) (On dried Basis) Not less than 95% 96%
Methanol Not more than 3000 753 ppm
Methyl Isobutyl ketone Not more than 5000 ot detected
Methyl acetate Not more than 5000 Not detected
Toluene Not more than 890 18 ppm
Conclusion Qualified


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