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Semax Obat Peptides 99% Purity Nootropic Stimulant for Memory Enhancement

  • Semax Obat Peptides 99% Purity Nootropic Stimulant for Memory Enhancement
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Product Description

Nootropic Drug Semax CAS: 80714-61-0 Improving Cognitive Function

Semax Obat Peptides 99% Purity Nootropic Stimulant for Memory Enhancement

Semax is whats called a synthetic heptapeptide, meaning that its a chain of 7 amino acids as a single molecule. Interestingly enough, the semax molecule mirrors a fragment of adrenocorticotropic hormone, which is released in the pituitary gland of humans in response to environmental stress.
It was originally developed in Moscow, Russia as a treatment mostly for neurological-related disorders, such as poor memory, depression, ADHD, and post-stroke treatment.
Additionally, Semax can be used as an immune-system booster or as a treatment for peptic ulcers, strangely enough.

Semax can also be used off-label as a nootropic, with many properties that make it quite suitable for regular use.
Semax CAS:80714-61-0
Semax MF:C37H51N9O10S
Semax MW:813.929



What is Semax

Semax is analogous to ATCH, a strand of adrenocorticotropic hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in the human body. This hormone is produced in stressful situations and is thought to increase mental acuity and performance. This is known as beneficial stress eustress, a concept important for understanding how Semax works.

Semax benefits
Semax is a stimulant, but its effects are mild in comparison to traditional drugs like caffeine or amphetamine. Users often report only feeling the effects of Semax when in stressful situations - affirming the compounds eustress inducing characteristics.
As a nootropic, Semax should improve concentration, motivation, and cognitive ability. The drug also has anxiolytic and antidepressant effects uncommon in most stimulants. Semax is often combined with amphetamine to potentiate the stimulating effect of the later while reducing the side effects; it is often used alongside other nootropics like noopept and selank as part of a stack.



How Does Semax Work?

Chemically speaking, Semax is a neuroactive peptide derived from corticotropin. Corticotropin is a peptide hormone and neurotransmitter that is released by your body during times of stress. When your body is stressed, it needs to think more clearly, which is why corticotropin has a significant effect on your brain.

Semax VS Selank
The primarily similarity between Semax and Selank is the structure of the two peptides; both are heptapeptides and analogous to chemicals naturally occurring in the human body. The two compounds are closely related and produce anxiolytic and nootropic benefits concurrently. While Semax is primarily a stimulant and Selank is an anxiolytic, both operate in the middle ground of their respective specialties. Semax is a relaxing stimulant while Selank is a stimulating relaxant.
There are differences between the two nootropics. As mentioned earlier, Semax can be anxiolytic; however, this is not always the case. Some users report feeling anxious while on the drug. In contrast, anxiety is almost never felt by users of Selank. Responders almost invariably feel some level of anxiety reduction even if nootropic benefits are not noticed.



Semax Dosage Guide:

For nootropic purposes, a dose 0.25-1mg per day would seem suitable. A single dose is sufficient for the entire day and possibly beyond. Intranasal or Sub-Q administration are the only accepted ways of administering Semax. Do not consume by mouth or sublingually as Semax will be rendered inactive.
Lyophilised Semax will require reconstitution with sterile water before being suitable for injection or intranasal administration.



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