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Hot Sale Fladrafinil for Improved Short Term Memory 90212-80-9

  • Hot Sale Fladrafinil for Improved Short Term Memory 90212-80-9
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Product Description

Hot Sale Fladrafinil for Improved Short Term Memory 90212-80-9

Smart Drugs Fluorafinil Nootropics Powder Crl-40, 941 Fladrafinil
Nootropics Fladrafinil CAS: 90212-80-9 Crl-40, 941

Smart Drugs Fluorafinil Nootropics Powder CRL-40,941 Fladrafinil

Product Name Fladrafinil

Fladrafinil Alias CRL-40,941
Fladrafinil CAS Registry Number 90212-80-9
Fladrafinil Molecular Formula C15H13F2NO3S
Fladrafinil Molecular Weight 325.33
Fladrafinil Purity 99%
Fladrafinil Grade Pharmaceutical Grade
Fladrafinil Appearance White cystalline powder

Fladrafinil (also known as fluorafinil and CRL-40,941) is a drug which promotes wakefulness. This nootropic is similar to adrafinil and modafinil. Nootropics are often called "smart drugs" and are commonly referred to as brain, intelligence, memory and cognitive enhancers. Fladrafinil is a stronger alternative to adrafinil and modafinil.Fladrafinil is a drug that is found in the category of eugeroic classification of drugs which is used as wakefulness drug. Its chemical composition and effects are very similar to those substances found in adrafinil only that it is capable of producing anti-aggressive effects while adrafinil doesn have this ability.


Like adrafinil, the purpose of fladrafinil is to promote wakefulness. The smart drug is said to improve concentration and reduce fatigue, enabling its user to become more proactive. The appeal of fladrafinil is that it is stronger than the other drugs which are said to give the same benefits. There is proof that the nootropic is twice as strong as adrafinil, making it ideal if that nootropic has started to become ineffective. While being developed, it was also shown that fladrafinil can be used to lower aggression, and its calming effects may have a positive impact on those who suffer with hyperactivity.

Fladrafinil causes the following in human body;
1)Improves memory as it works on dopamine and histamine that are neurotransmitter in the brain
2)Increases cognitive function since it boosts the working capacity of the brain when one is in an awkward situation.
3)Its used to treat insomnia and depression.
4)It promotes consciousness
5)It increases motivation, making one to do a lot of activities without exhaustion.

Side Effects
There are no known side effects of fladrafinil, although some have claimed that the drug adds a distinct odor to your urine. In addition, it has also been noted that the nootropic causes vasoconstriction - a narrowing of the blood vessels. Comments that the drugs side effects are worse than the supposed benefits are also prevalent. However, there is no solid evidence to confirm or deny whether any of these effects are directly related to taking fladrafinil.

This can be helpful especially if one is facing exams that are proving difficult.

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