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Anti-pregnancy Mifepristone / RU-486 For Abortifacient powder CAS 84371-65-3

  • Anti-pregnancy Mifepristone / RU-486 For Abortifacient powder CAS 84371-65-3
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Product Description

Anti-pregnancy Mifepristone / RU-486 For Abortifacient powder CAS 84371-65-3




Mifepristone description:
Mifepristone, also known as RU-486, is a medication typically used with misoprostol to bring about an abortion.This combination is more than 95% effective during the first 50 days of pregnancy. It is also effective in the second trimester of pregnancy.Two weeks after use effectiveness should be verified. It is taken by mouth.

Common side effects include abdominal pain, feeling tired, and vaginal bleeding. Serious side effects may include heavy vaginal bleeding, bacterial infection, and a malformed baby if the pregnancy does not end. If used, appropriate follow up care needs to be available. Mifepristone works by blocking the effects of progesterone and causing contractions of the uterus.


Mifepristone Basic information
Product Name:Mifepristone
Synonyms: 11-(4-(dimethylamino)phenyl)-17-hydroxy-17-(1-propynyl)-estra-9-dien-3-one;11beta-[4-(n,n-dimethylamino)phenyl]-17alpha-(prop-1-ynyl)-delta4,9-estradiene;17-beta)-(11-bet;17beta)-11-[4-(dimethylamino)-phenyl]-17-hydroxy-17-(1-propynyl)estra-(11bet;17-beta-hydroxy-11-beta-(4-dimethylaminophenyl-1)-17-alpha-(prop-1-ynyl)oest;-17beta-ol-3-one;4,9-dien-3-one;r38486
CAS: 84371-65-3
MF: C29H35NO2
MW: 429.59
Product Categories: Steroids;Hormone;Acetylenes;Biochemistry;Functionalized Acetylenes;Hydroxyketosteroids;Chiral Reagents;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;Intracellular receptor;Nuclear Receptors;Steroid and Hormone;API;Hormone Drugs


Oral administration has anti-pregnancy effect, currently applied for people with pregnancy <49 days. Specific usage in three:
The first usage: orally administration of 600 mg mifepristone in single dose, place 1mg PGF2α (Kaposi prostaglandin) or PGO5 (Kaposi prostaglandin methyl ester) at the vaginal fornix at third or fourth day with the complete abortion rate being as high as 92.3 %. Currently Mifepristone dose has been reduced to a single dose of 200mg, or divided doses of 125-150mg with clinical results not being affected.

The second usage: oral administration of single dose of 600 mg; apply intramuscular injection 0.25 mg of a single oral dose; at 36-48 hours after oral administration, apply intramuscular injection 0.25 mg, or 0.375 mg or 0.5 mg of sulprostone with complete abortion rate of 96%; with the larger amount of sulprostone applied, the sooner the embryonic will be discharged.
The third usage: apply a single oral-administrated dose of 600mg; at 48 hours after oral administration, place 1 mg of ONO802 (gemeprost) pessary suppository inside of the vagina with the complete abortion rate being 95%.
For people with amenorrhea longer than s

even weeks, orally administrate 100 mg of mifepristone each time with 2 times per day, and continue for 4 days. You can also apply 1 mg of Kaposi forefront methyl suppository for vagina at 36 to 48 hours after treatment. Have rest in bed for 2 hours and clinic observation for 6 hours. Pay attention to the condition of bleeding after medication to check whether there are pregnancy products being discharged and any adverse reactions.

For labor induction of middle and late dead fetal, take 200 mg each time and 2 times daily. Consecutively take for two days for inducing menstruation and terminating pregnancy. During the 23 to 26 days at menstrual cycle, take 100~200mg each time with once daily. Consecutively take four days.


1. Patients of heart, liver, kidney disease and adrenal insufficiency, hypertension, pregnancy with IUD, suspected ectopic pregnancy are not allowed to apply.
2. for patients of incomplete abortion or invalid to treatment, they should be treated using vacuum aspiration abortion. Pregnant of over 35 years-old should avoid using it. Patients of allergy are forbidden for using. Follow-up treatment should be performed after 8 to 12 days in order to check the occurrence of complete abortion or stop of bleeding.
3. this drug can’t be combined with rifampin, carbamazepine, griseofulvin, barbiturates, phenytoin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and adrenal hormones.
4. this drug can’t be combined with salicylates, indomethacin, and other analgesics.
5. for people with a long duration of bleeding time, in order to prevent the occurrence of infection, antibiotics and uterotonics should be added. Patients of heart, liver, kidney disease and adrenal insufficiency should be disabled.
6. mifepristone should be kept in darkness and sealed.
7. At 8 to 15 days after taking the drug, the patients should go to medical center for return visit; when incomplete abortion happens or pregnancy, continues, apply artificial abortion for termination of pregnancy.


Chemical Properties
Melting point: 150 °C. [α] D20 + 138.5°(C = 0.5, chloroform). Acute toxicity: mice LD50 (g/kg):> 2.6 with intraperitoneal injection.

Uses It is a novel anti-progestin and has anti-glucocorticoid activity without the activity of progesterone, estrogen, androgen and anti-estrogen. It has a progesterone receptor affinity five times as high as progesterone. It is used for anti-pregnancy, inducing menstruation and terminating pregnancy, intrauterine inducer labor for dead fetal.

Chemical Properties Pale Yellow Solid

A progesterone receptor antagonist with partial agonist activity. Abortifacient.
glutamate uptake inhibitor, AMPA blocker

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